Sunday, September 29, 2013

Nothing in particular...

So I have been over at wordpress for a while, and thought i would check in here again, it seems quite a few blogs i follow have not appeared in the reading list over there ! Anyhow i will try to check in more often now, i found a lovely blog with delicious recipes,  an angel in the kitchen , I will be trying some of those goodies ! I tried to follow this in wordpress with no luck, which is odd. Technology fail again !   

So I have managed to finish my last quilt, its bound and ready for my mum, I just have to either send it or make the trip down to deliver it by hand, I know which one she would prefer ! Finding the right time at the moment is difficult, so it may have to be sent.

There is still another quilt to finish off, i started to stitch in the ditch, which i thought was a great idea until i had to turn it every few tiny blocks ! My arms were aching after a very short time !

Anyway, i hope the weekend is a lovley one for all of you :)