Wednesday, July 18, 2012

I'm in London town !

Well, I was now home after three weeks of touring the UK, which was great !
London has to be one of the best cities in the world, there is so much to see and do, I still ran out of time ! I guess that means I will have to go back again ! Hyde Park was lovely and when the weather improved it was even more beautiful. The roses were divine and their scent was gorgeous, we wondered around sniffing them all, we probably looked like loons!

I did spend a bit of time (and too much money) in Harrods, I bought souvenirs for the kids, fluffy bears with british jumpers on, and a few clothes as they had a sale going, what luck! I wish there was a store in Australia! 
We visited Stonehenge, it was not as large as we expected, certainly didn't get very excited about it at all! So off we went to Bath which was lovely, the roman baths are very interesting, and the Abbey is very beautiful. Our accommodation was superb, 5 star bed and breakfast, gorgeous rooms. And they had vegemite to hubs delight! One of the managers were aussie!
I will load more photos later, a certain person left the camera in a hotel room fortunately at the end of our trip, so its on its way home via snail mail, we might see it by the end of the month if we are lucky !

 I thought i was doing so well with the jet lag thing, I woke up at a normal time and did all the usual things, scrubbed the shower, cleaned the kitchen (as one does after 26 hours of flying across the world!) went to do a bit of shopping and forgot to get most things, then felt a bit weary in the late afternoon, so had a lie down... until midnight !!
Dang, now i am wide awake, so some internet surfing will be going on for a while here ! Its a silly hour and everyone else is asleep!

This was my favorite spot when the weather was this good ! 

I love how these deck chairs are randomly placed for anyone to sit in

And of course we watched these guys parade from horse guards to the palace, so very British !