Thursday, November 29, 2012


Oh dear its been too long since i was here, life does get busy especially this time of year although I am not xmas shopping for the first time ever! I have made a few gifts, and have a few more to go :0
In the meantime I have bought more stash and then I had to take something out to make room, so another project is on the way :) its got summery colours of orange and green, which is fresh and bright, not sure what it will be yet! I cant upload another photo as I have apparently used my limit of free space on picassa and need to purchase more, I will see about that! Grrr.
picture supposed to be here ...
The gardenias are in flower and their perfume is so lovely, I wish they lasted longer, if I could bottle the scent for the rest of the year it would be divine!

What have you been up to? I will have to go and read a few of your posts to catch up!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I did manage to get one of my cushion covers done, yay ! Hopefully the second one will be done in the next couple of days :) Thanks to Heidi for hosting, where you can see the beautiful projects.

the back has a concealed zipper, which was easy and looks neat :0

I used one of our other cushions to fill it for the photo, 
so it wont have this as its filler as it shows through !

I still have a quilt to bind, more projects planned and the trip away is fast approaching, any recommendations for accommodation in LA would be great ! 

Hope you had a great FNSI :)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tag your it !

Michelle from Love Chinook Winds has tagged me and has these questions
1. Do you like to travel.
2. What is your favorite travel destination spot.
3. Where do you sew.
4. How much time do you spend sewing during the week.
5. Have you ever been on a sewing retreat.
6. Do you have an etsy shop and or do you sell your crafts at fairs.
7. What other hobbies do you have.
8. What is your favorite charity. 
9. Do you quilt or knit for charity.
10. What is your dream sewing machine if cost was not a problem.
11. Be honest. How big is your stash.

 So I guess its fun sharing some things about each other, I will answer them in context rather than order.

Of course I love to travel hence my blog address of travelling holycow ! Although I don't particularly like the planning phase so I am a last minute person and sometimes just wing it. In fact I am travelling to the USA next month and have only partially booked accommodation. I figure there will be somewhere to stay even if it is crapsville! 

I can say that after stepping out onto the cliffs of Sorrento, Italy with its jaw dropping scenery would be hard to beat, its my header photo.  Italy is fabulous :)

But my favourite destination is London, I love everything about this city and wished I lived closer. 

I sew on the dining table, its a perfect size and we usually eat at the kitchen island bench which just feels comfortable for us, so I dont have to tidy up which is great! I did have my son's room but he moved back in :0  Sometimes I get a couple of hours a week to fiddle around with my fabrics, but I dont always get any sewing done! I was invited to a retreat but wasnt able to make it there, so maybe next time.  i dont sell my quilts, I usually give them away as gifts, or worthy causes. I support various charities here, and have a regular donation to world vision. I did dabble in art work for a while, and may go back to this one day.

My Bernina 820 which is my dream machine, is fabulous, I figured the benefit greatly outweighed the cost! I just organised my stash which has taken up a considerable space in my laundry and I still think I can't find anything !

So if you would like to participate, go on give us a story about you, and leave me a comment so I know you would like us to visit :)  

Thursday, November 15, 2012

FNSI time !

Yay its FNSI !

So I have to confess that for me it will be a sunday sew in here in Oz as I am working Friday and Saturday till late, but I have the time difference advantage :)
I have a project that needs finishing, well actually there are a few that need finishing but I will focus on the one that I can do in a day! I'm a puddler when it comes to finishing things at times, its almost like I want to keep things just not quite done for some odd reason.

Anyway you can join in on the fun here at Heidi's, hope you have fun !
See you on Sunday for all the lovely posts :)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

UR Priceless Coin Purse

A while back I signed up for  a blog hop hosted by  Sew We Quilt  to make a coin purse. I loved the ones featured, and so I thought  (in my deluded state) that I would be able to make one of these without too much fuss! Firstly and most importantly read the pattern, I think thats where I went astray. I couldn't find the email that Katherine had sent me with this, so I made do with my own invention! It was all going very well until the frame was to be attached, i discovered the frame is larger than the purse. Groan. So I can either find a frame that is the right size, or make another bag. I might do both, but until then this is the sad result, go ahead and laugh, I bet you have done something similar once!
I still like it frameless!

This is the inside although I could still make it the outside


Ah well back to the shop to find another frame, and the sewing machine to make another purse!
Hope your weekend is going well :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Classic Cartoons (playlist)

I've been a bit quiet on the bloggy front, sorry :) There is a malfunction with my laptop, and my brain. Its a precarious system where there is little space for new information, so old stuff has to be deleted, and my brain hurts if too much is crammed in at one time, as for the laptop I have given up on it!

I did do some FMQ and finished off the log cabin squares, but its stalled there until I get some fabric to finish them so they can be cushions.
In other news my spare moments have been taken up with eyes glued to the monitor in deciding where to stay in LA, my good friend who lived there recommended Santa Monica, but I am not sure. I may stay at Marina Del Rey, it looks nicer and apparently it's a lovely spot to relax after a hard days sightseeing. I can see us with cocktails overlooking the bay watching the sun set, hopefully my jetlagged brain will be ok and not confuse this with sunrise! After that we will attempt to drive on the wrong side of the road (all the way) to San Fran, wish me luck! And no trip to the USA is complete without a visit to Las Vegas, so Vegas Baby here we come! If I have any money after all that then I will be happy, and end with a visit to Disneyland, which was my dream as a kid, who didn't dream of this? Gotta love Homer!