Sunday, February 26, 2012

Meaning of Life?

I just read a condensed version of a book by  psychiatrist  Brian Weiss, called " Many Lives, Many Masters" which explores the past lives of one of his patients through hypnotherapy, this was a complete surprise, having no experience of this previously, and details quite specifically the diaglogue of his patient. It is an amazing recount of her reincarnations and the impacts of her past experiences on her present day life. Its a real confirmation of the beliefs that we do indeed have lessons to learn and we do not move on if we dont come to terms with previous issues in past lives. People are connected for a reason, through these lifetimes. It really does give us an answer for the meaning of life at last. There is a workshop right here where i live, next month, i discovered, right after a chance mention of the book by my chiro, so i will be going as long as there is a spot left for me! It will be an interesting 3 days!

Sunday, February 19, 2012


These are my current projects on the go:
The first one is a king size quilt - its sooo big! Its ready to be backed and quilted, which will be a challenge!
I used two layer cakes and just cut them into half square triangles and just bunged them together with sashing, its turned out fairly well i think!

This is a cute little quilt, all the pieces are cut and will be joined with sashing, 
I think this will go to my English neighbour, she loves pinks and suble colours

Its still hot and humid here, the dog and i have been going for regular dips in the pool, much to her delight!
Hope you all had a great night, and thank you Heidi for hosting, you can check it out here.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Living the dream

Blogging has become sporadic, other things going on, but there is a little book i have almost finished reading, following atticus, which  is a beautiful tale of one man and his friend Atticus who happens to be a miniture schnauzer as they embark on treks through the alps, many over 4000ft. But its their friendship that is most amazing, Tom has such respect and admiration for his "Little Bug", he has poured all his emotions into his story, its truly a tale from the heart.  More than once I had tears rolling down my cheeks or burst into laughter, which confused poor Kara no end!  Tom and Atticus are living my dream, i hope to make it reality. Read it and enjoy.

There is a blog The Adventures of Tom and Atticus , which has the odd update of whats going on in their world.