Wednesday, July 28, 2010

tropical delight

After returning from Melbourne with a rotten cold which i think has caused my tympanic membrane (aka eardrum) to rupture as i am a bit deaf and it hurts at times, but i was greeted by a gorgeous display of flowers
in the garden. They are very beautiful, and i can see them all the time so it makes me feel better.

The purple ones are Tibouchina, The white and orange ones are a rhododendron, the hibiscus is a lovely pink and cream, but the camera wouldnt cooperate and flash, so they look a bit dark. Also it was overcast, and it has been raining so its a bit soggy!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Melbourne in a weekend

This is a collection of photos of Melbourne, its a great city known for its lovely architecture as you can see in the older buildings

Looking from southbank towards the city

 There are fabulous arcades filled with cafes, chocolate, and small designer shops filled with bags, shoes and clothes that are just beautiful.

And of course Melbourne is famous for its cakes and pastries
There is a laneway filled with this wonderful street art
Artist at work
I loved this one but couldnt fit it all in
This one is a bit scary!

This is my favourite city in Australia, its full of life, culture, and the best clothes, bags and shoes, shopping heaven, i think i will be back asap!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


The snow gently falling outside our window

the five of us

 on top of the summitt

We had a great time, the alps are very beautiful, we walked to the top of one of the mountains overlooking the village just before sunset, it took us a couple of hours to get there and back but was worth every minute.


Our seats are reserved!

Its my wonderful friend's birthday today, happy birthday Marg, wouldnt this be a nice spot to have a few cocktails ? We are going to the local yacht club for lunch to celebrate, the view there is also beautiful so when i find the camera, %&^$** , i will post the photos. So cheers, Marg, do you like this ? Will try to make some thing but prob wont look like this one!
love from Renata xx

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A French twist

Bonjour mon amis, yesterday was all frenchy at Brisbane alongside the beautiful river city capital of sunny queensland, so we decided to venture down and take a look. It was a fabulous day again, half of brisbane must have had the same idea as it was crowded although we didnt arrive until after1pm so it was a lunch time rush.  The "festival" was small so perhaps it will be expanded in the future, as it was so popular. We intended to eat some nibbles and wander around casually but it was impossible as there were queues at every stall, so we ended up eating  turkish at a wonderful restaraunt very close by. The food was fab, and they have these turkish delight martinis which are quite sweet but very yummy,       which i had previously tested and of course needed to confirm how good they were!

this is ahmets in southbank brisbane, very colourful

We started with a mixed mezze platter to share, with falafel, dolmades, eggplant and a stuffed capsicum all beautifully prepared

My meal, tender barbeque lamb strips in yogurt and eggpalnt puree, very tasty and generous serving

lamb skewers was another dish that was fab

So we started out as french and ended up turkish !