Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rome part two and a half!

Rome is an amazing city, so many ancient remains to see, and fabulous buildings and monuments, it takes a long time to get to see it all. We were there a week and still did not see it all, but here are a few of the things we did get to visit.

 More of Ancient Rome

The Casa Delle Vestale

 Inside St Peters - The Vatican

 Artwork by Michaelangelo

 The Beautiful Villa Borghese and massive gardens

 A lovely fountain to sit and relax by

not far from the produce markets

A truly amazing city, but not sure if i could live there, outside the city centre its dirty and rundown, but further out in the country or seaside its beautiful, which is probably why a lot of italians like to live out of rome.
Until next time, hope you are having fun ! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

travels and other stuff

Currently my hubs and son are in the good ole usa, having a fabulous time, they have been to Seattle, a music festival just north in Fort Worden where they were minor celebrities as the fartherst? distance travelled to attend! Now they are at Sturgis in South Dakota. They have just seen Mt Rushmore and CrazyHorse monuments, and will head towards Montana in the next few days.Then off to Las Vegas, a must see, and then back to San Fran and drive down to LA. Lucky buggers. Its been a big year for us, we decided to bond with our kids before they head off on their own into the world, its been a great decision. Ive been very busy with work and renovating, i am finding this stressful at times. Anyway i am very lucky to have a lovely home (even if it needs work) and wonderful family to share it with, i hope you all have a great weekend !
The dog waits patiently for me to continue with the latest quilt in the making, its all very patriotic in red white and blue!