Sunday, January 27, 2013


After months of drought cyclone ozwald has hit bringing wild weather to our coast, we have had so much rain its ridiculous ! I think our climate is changing, there have been such extremes, if its not bushfires its flood. I woke up to such gale force wind i thought the roof would fly off, luckily its still on ! It certainly put aussie day celebrations in the can up here.
Blogger doesnt seem to cooperate, again, with adding photos although i am using an ipad, so not sure if this makes a difference.  I'm not sure i like the limited functions of the ipad, but it is convenient to have. Its a good day to sit and sew, i have a few things to get on with, providing the power stays on, im not much of a hand sewer ! So happy weekend to all, hope its nice where you are :)

Friday, January 11, 2013

San Fran to Lake Tahoe

San Fran 
Museum of Fine arts, funnily enough there is no fine arts displayed, its a science museum which we thought was odd

Japanese Tea Gardens

very funny!

Lake Tahoe

 Drop dead gorgeous mountain range around Tahoe

 There was so much snow, this is in a town at the base of the mountains!

hehe, we are a photogenic couple!!

Its absolutely stunning country all around Lake Tahoe and the drive to Vegas, thats next...