Wednesday, April 28, 2010

ok i found this-might be helpful for broke vag's!

New exercise regime- laydowns only takes 8-9 hours !

exercise sucks, its boring and usually ends in pain, my friend marg ended up arse over tit on the footpath whilst having a leisurely stroll the other day, which was funny but prob not for her. I was also reading flabby ninja and she broke her vag doing situps, dear lord thats not good. I hate sit ups, cant get even half way up, as i was saying to her there is this hideous machine at the gym that simulates sit ups which makes me feel like my uterus is about to pop out, so obviously situps are no good unless of course youd like to use it as some perverse kind of birth control ! Probably freak out a few gym members and staff too,  can just imagine the phone call to the ambos, ah we have a situation here looks lilke OH MY GOD WTF IS THAT?!
I have seen way too many body parts, one of the patients in the unit actually said it was like being in a nudist colony, not a very attractive one- ninety year old penis is not good. There will be no photos with todays post for the aforementioned reason. I had an email that said the statistics for breast enlargement and viagra had gone up remarkably in the last few years, unfortunately so has the rate for dementia, so we can look forward to a generation of elderly that will have pert boobs and stiff willies but no effing idea what to do with them!
So i think i will laydown and forget that exercise exists, and try not to think about 90 year old willies.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I had a hiatus for a while as there was just not enough time to sit and catch up with the rest of the blog world, it looks as if this is not uncommon, except if it is a source of income like a few of the big names out there.
I am in the process of quilting my quilt only a few little rows to go, then just to do the binding and its done, yippee! 

I just completed my advanced cardiac life support, phew, glad thats over. I think most of us were in a state of ST(palpitations for the non medical) while we had to do the team leader role, which is not too hard as we normally do these things automatically, but when we had to think about it we got a bit stressed and that we had to pass an assessment, and had numerous scenarios to deal with, but we all got through no probs, and now are back into SR (normal heart rate) aahhh.

 I found this mug on the net, unfortunately its too fuzzy but it reads

move towards the light
keep going
keep going
and for the non medical that is a fatal rhythm strip!

I love this but its a tad expensive for a mug $36 au so may have to think about it!

thats all for now folks

Sunday, April 4, 2010

art works

ok i think sanity has returned somewhat. I have been a bit busy lately, been at work for a change! and now looking at my artwork and decided to take new photos cause i lost the last lot, duh! So here are three that i love, although there are a couple of others i will add later that i love as well.