Sunday, October 23, 2011


 Thanks again Heidi and Crafty vegas mom for the wonderful link to fnsi its a great place to check out the gorgeous stuff created around the world.
I have to admit i did my sewing on saturday, but thats still friday in usa, so i guess it still counts? Anyway i was going great guns until i plopped my squares together, and wondered why they looked a bit odd, and then realised i had sewed the ends of my stars the wrong way around. On every single square. Groan... so now i have unpicked them again and redoing them. All thirteen of them. At least i should get the other thirteen right !

Hope you all had a fun productive night!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

wish upon a star

So what's in a name ? I am hooking up on this little link at Dawns blog, As sweet as cinnamon she is having a giveaway so come and join in!
I guess everyone can remember the walt disney movie where pinoccio has a wish to be a real boy, it seems most of us have looked up into the sky and made a little wish, sometimes they come true if you believe hard enough, i think being a bit of a dreamer helps!

The only problem i had when naming the blog was that i liked the url also, which i probably should have kept the same, but once started it seemed too hard to change!

There are loads of things i would love to do in this lifetime, so i guess this blog is a bit of a bucket list in some ways, i have been fortunate enough to travel to the places i really wanted to see before i got too old and crumbly!

And i have taken up a hobby in quilting which i first started many years ago, and started looking at what other crafty things were out there in the www, so this blog seemed like the way to share ideas. It doesnt matter how many followers there are, or how styled the photos are, its the substance behind that counts, and there are plenty of amazingly talented beings to admire!
Thanks for stopping by and taking a little look into my world!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi

Probably will go back next year for another italian adventure, its so beautiful!