Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tech issues

If i knew how to redirect this blog to wordpress i would do it in an instant, something is wrong with my posts not being updated to blog lists, not happy jan.
So firstly there is a link to bloglovin which everyone is doing so I hopped on that band wagon.
Secondly if there is no solution to this problem I WILL get this blog redirected, so dont be alarmed if you land on wordpress, its still me :) So please come over to wordpress its better, believe me!
I am here

Sunday, March 24, 2013

blogger argghh !

It seems my posts are not being published or at least I cant seem to see them in my dashboard list, this is very annoying, not sure what to do about it ! any help would be appreciated ! let me know if you are getting the posts in your reader

Thats Entertainment !

Its been a fun week, my son and I made a snap decision to see ZZ top and Guns n Roses which was great, although those guys are getting on a bit ! I loved ZZ top, but not a real fan of GnR, that was my son :0 I had to put in ear plugs !!

We also saw a well known comedian Wil Anderson on Friday, who was very funny, quite rude too ! We had seats a couple of rows back which was fantastic, thank god we were not in the front row, those people really were picked on ! It has been a fun time, we also stayed in a very nice hotel with a lovely view of the river, which was nice at night.

image from the net, i forgot my camera again, and it looked a lot nicer than this !

Hope you are having a great weekend :) its back to work tomorrow for me !

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Its a winner !

 Hello everyone ! I am amazed at how many fantastic people joined the party ! I felt like I was mingling with a wonderful group of like minded people, such fun ! I hope you had a great time also :)
Well now that the party is over it's time to announce a winner of my prize of two lovely little charm packs :) It goes to Cath from bits and bobs , yay !  Congratulations,  I hope you like them !
Send me a message Cath and it will be on its way to you :)

Its a beautiful day here on the sunny qld coast, so I am off to do a bit of stuff outside and challenge my hay fever ! Hope you are having a wonderful day !

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Blog hop party

Blog Hop Party with Give-Aways
Michelle from quilting gallery is hosting another blog hop party with give aways, yay ! 

I have just finished a quilt for a work collegue, she has just had a birthday, so I thought this might make her feel snuggly when its cool here :) She will laugh at that as she is from Finland!  Its got a bit of an Aussie theme in the quilting, lots of swirls and flowers, frangipanis and the squares on the back are in green and gold, for our country :)

Anyway back to the party, I will be giving away some lovely charm squares for a lucky follower
the give away is open until friday 15th 9 am AEST.
Good luck !

Reminder everyone you have to be a follower to win this prize !

Also if you are a no reply blogger, I cant contact you :(