Monday, October 29, 2012

Summer Dress

This morning while I could have been doing a thousand things I decided to take a break and have a wander to the local shops. I found this pretty summer dress, I have been looking at some but they were boring and very generic, this one was perfect, different and its got room for movement :)

I saw an add for these blinds in a magazine, the photo is terrible sorry!
but the blinds look spectacular, then I thought it was a bit sad to be so excited over a blind!

Anyway it was fun wandering around looking at the swanky shops :)
Have a great week!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weekend stuff

I have been able to do some sewing lately, which is a very nice change of pace. I had the excess stuff cluttering our garage picked up on friday morning, unfortunately the lounge suite didnt go as they ran out of room in the truck- thats how much there was!
This log cabin piece was going to be quilt in the gees bend style but I changed my mind and they now will be large euro cushions instead. Quilting the top was fun, it was good practice for my feathers, which are looking less like oak leaves now!

Here is the back, its easier to see the quilting

Our girl, the tall one, had her semi formal, her friend isn't that short, our girl is very tall !

How cheeky is this! I didn't even realise until I uploaded the photo ! I wonder where she gets that from?

I am linking up with FNSI at Heidi's and Bloggers Quilt Festival at Amy's, hope you are having a great weekend !

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

 The weather is bonkers!

It was so windy yesterday the poor dog was having trouble relieving herself without wearing it! She gave such a look of disdain as her ears flapped about while squatting, and as soon as she was done she raced inside again ! I have given up on trying to keep the leaves out of the pool. Also I'm still paranoid of the brown snake hanging around, they are nasty. On a more positive note a quilt top is in progress of being quilted, I am just finishing off the borders and then its done ! There are piles of precuts on the table waiting patiently for me to finish, lovely aqua, reds and royal blue, some dodgy pink strips which looked ok on the net may have to wait a bit longer!

Birds & Berries Fat Quarter Bundle Lauren & Jessi Jung for Moda FabricsSong Bird Fat Quarter Bundle Carina Gardner for Riley Blake DesignsTrue Vintage Fat Quarter Bundle Robyn Pandolph for RJR Fabrics

I cant wait to do something with them, I have charm squares and jelly rolls, but I would love to have bought these stacks :)  Hope you are having a great week doing what makes you happy :)

Friday, October 19, 2012

finally a floor !

Its done at last! Yay! After painting, painting and more painting!
Now it will be a process of sorting out the stuff in the garage, donating loads so we dont end up with it in our newly renovated space! It still needs some prettying up, but other than that its done :0

 I am going to claim a corner for my sewing things :)

I am thinking of turning the log cabin squares into large cushions

i dont like the bottom right square on the second one, it looks a bit wrong.
I might work on that tomorrow.
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Hope you have some good things planned for the weekend! 

Thursday, October 11, 2012

more boring renovation

My right arm feels dead. No I haven't had a stroke, I have been scrubbing our walls and doors in preparation for the painting.

Now it feels like someone has been punching my arm all night, and I think I used way too much bleach, my head hurts! Its hard to type :(  But it is looking better! I still have the closets to deal with.
I thought the old lino :could just be pulled out, but it has been glued to the floor. Not sure what to do about that, probably just clean it and leave it, the flooring guys can sort that one out!
So I am off to the hardware to buy a pole to do the painting, and tomorrow No 1 son will be doing some work to earn his keep! Will show photos of it after the floors go down next week.
I may do some sewing to take a break from the renos, the log cabin has been stalled, I am thinking of turning  it into large euro size cushions. I should finish a quilt top, its about half done, but I am looking at starting something else interesting! Also I have decided marshmallows are a perfectly good breakfast.
Hope you are having fun! Btw go check out some clever people at Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

living room design

I love these modern living rooms, so uncluttered 

This is beautiful, though and probably more comfortable!
 i noticed the floors are tiled like most of my home, which got me thinking perhaps I should just stick with tiles throughout, and risk it looking like a giant washroom!

love these kitchen designs, I would have to do a major reno to achieve these!
Well its got me thinking that perhaps I should wait, ie more procrastination until I win lotto!
Hope you are having a great week!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

shopping, wankers and more junk !

The girl and I had a great afternoon, we found her a dress to wear to her semi formal dance which is in a couple of weeks. We cut it fine! but we found a lovely dress after looking from one end of the coast to the other at several formal dress shops, we found one in a regular shop and its so pretty, she loves it ! Thank god for that! She bought very high sparkly heels and clutch bag, she loves them! She is already 6" so she will tower over everyone!
Ok so that was Friday, yesterday i worked, a whole lot of people with minor problems decided to fill up the waiting room and then started harassing our staff as to why they had to wait hours to be seen. These sort of people should watch a real emergency and then bugger off home.
And the dog was having a standoff with a huge brown snake this morning..fortunately I intervened for her, by screaming like a lunatic to come here NOW, the dog that is, not the snake!
Today is hot as hell here, 35c and windy, its an extreme fire danger, we have had very little rain for over 2 months, everything is bone dry, and tinder everywhere.  So of course this being the only day available before painters and flooring is scheduled we  moved most of the junk from the office  and upstairs as a certain member of our family is a hoarder, so he will have to do a major chuck out when he gets home!
 Its occupying our entire garage, the kids had a giggle at some of his stuff, they found an irish whistle with instructions, a bag full of caps and stubbie holders, and a lager phone, among many many other useless things. Oh and the girl was in charge of taping up boxes, I asked her to just seal up the ends so it would not come undone. She sealed both ends of the boxes. And yes she is blonde. The boy and I just about wet ourselves laughing !
Hope you all have/ had a great weekend :)

Thursday, October 4, 2012

4 girls taken from their mum

This morning when I put on the radio, I heard the very distressing story of 4 girls who have been taken from their mother here in qld and put on a plane back to Italy to their father, they were manhandled and handcuffed by police. The scenes were absolutely disgusting, these girls were screaming hysterically at being physically dragged into police cars. I cant believe it. How is this in their best interest? How is this legal? Police are only supposed to use reasonable force, yet one girl was face down on the ground with police holding her down and handcuffing her. god I would have kicked the police away. I cried seeing this it was so distressing. I couldn't imagine the horror and distress for their mum. This will be the most traumatic event in the lives of these girls, they are aged 9-15. I dont understand how their father could put them through such an ordeal just to get them back. They will hate him forever for taking them away from the mother they obviously love, and they were on the media earlier this year, they all said they wanted to stay here in Australia with their mum. They wrote to their father pleading to allow them to stay. The court ruled they were unfairly influenced by their mother. Its crap. They had a supportive extended family here, friends and a safe environment. I pray they are somehow allowed to come back home here to their mother, the sooner the better. I pray that their mum stays strong and finds a way to get her girls back. And I spit at the legal system that forced them to leave. There is a facebook page set up called kids without voices. I've left a few comments, but wish there was more I could do. Its just so unbelievable. So thats it for today. Hope yours was better.