Sunday, October 31, 2010

Bloggers Quilt Festival 2010

I have decided to link up to the bloggers quilt festival, 

Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival
 thanks Mrs P, with my little story of how i became interestied in quilting, there are so many amazingly creative and talented people that inspired me then and now. Thanks to Amy's Creative Side you can see the wonderful creations at the quilt festival.

Many years ago i decided to make a quilt for my son who was very little, he was 3 years old and needed a cover for his bed. He wanted a dragon, as he was obsessed with them at the time, so i thought i would make one. It was my very first quilt, and he helped choose the colours so it is really very special. He is now almost 18, and still uses it when its cold, usually as a lap quilt, he is quite tall now! He loved it so much i made one for my daughter also, and so began my love of choosing beautiful fabrics with many quilts lined up in my mind. I hadnt really done anything for a long time, as raising two small children took all my time and energy, but have really loved getting back into it. I am slowly building a small stash, with patterns and will be gifting them to family and those is need.

He still loves it !

So this is my favourite quilt of all time, i hope you like all the beautiful quilts in the link, and thanks again Mrs p your a star!

Friday, October 29, 2010


Three of my favorite things, the hairball, pretty fabric, and christmas.
These are the two project ive been working on now and then, the 12 days of christmas fabric has been transformed into a tablecloth because quite frankly its too bloody hot here at christmas, and the bloom quilt has now got its back pinned on with the front and the padding! I think the quilting will be a work in progress, the thing is humungous.

the dog also had a feast on the macadamia nuts left at the back!

I think she is avvoiding eye contact here!

Hope you all have a fabulous weekend, and look forward to your posts, and the beautiful things in our lives
 Some links to great places, Quilting in my pygamas, Creative Friday ,Baa me knits, Hand made by Heidi, there are loads more, they will take to lovely sites, enjoy!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Three Beautiful Things

Today i found a blog called Three Beautiful things, in which the author lists TBT everyday to make her day. I thought that was a lovely idea, and many others feel the same. Its a bit like Favorite Things Friday, except everyday. I dont know if i could post everyday, but at least once a week sounds achievable, so my TBT would be :

1. Good coffee in the morning, i love the smell of freshly roasted coffee, i read somewhere it stimulates endorphins, whatever, it smells good.

 it often leads to this

2. A lovely head massage from my husband, even if its only for about 2 minutes!

3. Chocolate in any form, but especially high cocao content, often nibbled straight from the entire block !

 Hope you find at least TBT in your day!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spring Beauties

More beautiful blooms to share today, the gardenias and their perfume are divine, i wish they flowered more often

The rose has also started to flower

 Have a bloomin great day!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Show time !

I went to the craft and quilting show,  saw everything,  walked methodically around to choose what was wanted and then tried to find the stalls that  had the chosen  stuff, but it was very difficult without a map, so back  around the whole pavillion! Managed to gather quite a few lovely little stashes, lots of fun ! Its great to see the many talented quilters from around the country, there was a lovely stall from Adelaide, which im sure Mrs P  and Amanda from Sea Breeze Quilts would know about, called Patchwork By Sea, i bought a bag pattern which will add to my collection of things to do.
Also found a great stall where i bought a quilt kit and another pattern, and then was amazed at another stall from Melbourne so bought another pattern, some templates and some fabrics!

Here are some of the amazing quilts that were on display

 I have been inspired, so next post will be some finished pieces, hopefully!

Friday, October 22, 2010

funny signs

This is for JKP cause i couldnt work out how to put it in a message,

this is where i was from a looong time ago ! The sign is on the train side of the platform -duh!

I wonder how busy this guy is!

Hope you like them!


Ok  after Mrs P's surprise post, i thought the best form of flattery is imitation, so here's was my surprise for the week,

My mother sent these to me as a belated birthday gift, and also one for my daughter- her birthday was in June, but i guess its the thought that counts !

This was something she also gave to my Dad many years ago, she gave it to me after he died, so its also sentimental, its made from scraps of metal 

This was also from mum, she had it for years, and i loved the chime so much that one day as a child i over wound the mechanism !

It has pride of place on top of this old cabinet which mum found in the back of Windsor, Sydney, which was one of the places first settled in Australia

Hope everyone has a fab day and lovely weekend with loads of  lovely things !

Friday, October 15, 2010

FTF late edition

I had to add this, today Marg came over with these and cooked a lovely lunch, thankyou Marg xxx
apologies the photos dont do them justice, they are delicious, ive been munching on them all afternoon !


Ive been a bit under the weather so this will be short, 

my son because he has stayed home to look after me, although it may have also been a good excuse to stay home and play games on the puter...

And fabric of course, this is martinique which will hopefully look lke the star once sewn together, there will be four in all, definitely a work in progress...

And best friends, Marg where are the photos of us, when you come over im taking photos, ok?

Thanks again mrs p , linda
 and hand made at heidi's

Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Bull !

Its good to see that our hard working uni students are putting their knowledge to the test, i can only wonder at the relevance of their research, it all seems like a load of bull to me!

Aussie boffins probe lesbian cows

An intrepid team from the the University of Queensland will shortly make its way to Malaysia's central highlands to answer a question which has baffled science for centuries: is bovine lesbianism in domesticated cattle a stress reaction caused by environmental pressures?
We at El Reg reckon it's about time these boys got their act together and provided definitive evidence one way or the other as to whether homosexuality in cows and sheep is caused by biological predetermination or environment. We're sure that other pressing concerns such as a cure for AIDS and the fight against cancer can be put on the back burner while the matter is resolved. ®
View the full article here

Saturday, October 9, 2010

arty stuff

 My kids had their art show at school, there was some great work on display, and i managed to see a few familiar faces, it was fun evening. Here are a few masterpieces

my girls drawing 
they had taken photos of themselves underwater

one of her friends did this one

My boys art- i had trouble getting all the detail in this photo, so will have to get another shot when it comes home

And a few of the others

My girl and another masterpiece


 This one was made with teabags to stain the pages, which i found all over the bathroom, kitchen and the floor in between !

Friday, October 8, 2010

Favorite things Friday

Ok Im jumpin on this band wagon thanks Mrs P

 Ok i didnt do the knitted vegies but i love them
Or the cup cakes but yum, 
however i did do the quilts and journal

 i pinned the top to the batting and forgot about the backing -bugger!
could be another post for stupid stuff saturday!

 the hair ball decided this was comfy

And lastly snow, i was born in the wrong hemisphere, 
as it only snows for a short time in a very small part of this 
counrty but this is taken looking up the road from our chalet at falls creek