Monday, August 30, 2010

bits and pieces

bloom quilt in the making, nine patch squares with borders
waiting for the aqua border fabric to arrive

Christmas must be in the air, just couldnt resist these little treasures
as i love anything to do with christmas

I have ordered this for the backing, cant wait to see it
i just love the bright red

 i love this verna fabric set, which has been waiting for me
to put it together for some time now
 I still have a few other jelly rolls and layer cakes to figure out what to do with!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

My MIL used to say "if wishes were fishes we would all cast our nets in the sea"
I think she was trying to tell us that we are already so fortunate, and that hard work was character building! She was a good stick, she loved her family and was a great mum and grandmum. She died too early unfortunately, but one of her great loves was travelling, so i think i would like to travel the world and see as much as i can. As soon as the kids are off. Or at least able to drive around - one down one to go. These are a few of the more well known cities i would love to see, which are on my wish list.

Italy of course, the art, history and culture

This is Vicenza where my fathers family is from, no wonder i love snow

of course

and say hello to the lady 

and have lunch here in NY central park

Monday, August 16, 2010

Oh Valentino!

On the weekend my daughter had a cruise on the Brisbane river with a boy she has met, he is smart and very nice,with a lovely family,  i would marry her off but she is only 14! Anyway we went to see the valentino retrospective on display in Brisbane, it was fab, no photos were allowed unfortunately but the brochure has a couple on them, i didnt buy the book as it was too heavy to lug around the city.
This is my little girls dress, not valentino but just as pretty esp on her, i forgot the camera duh! so this is it for now.

Monday itis

This is a lovely iceberg rose that i bought recently, i had it out by the back door, but moved it to the patio next to my Adirondack chair, its my fav spot to sit in the early morning sun, if im not working. I also got out my fabrics from my quilting to see what could be done with them, I have to finish the binding on one, and am in the process of constructing another, so decided to start planning another one, which i hope to have finished to send to my sister in law for her birthday in sept, in my spare time! The quilting is a welcome diversion and i dont have to think too much.

Its the start of the week and i have decided to pretend i dont have anything else to do!