Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Today i was going to write about a few things that really didnt matter in the big picture, that is the things that really matter are usually pushed to back of our minds until it smacks us in the head like a big cold wet fish. Today i read about a mother in anguish for her adopted teenage daughter, trying to give her the best possible future, and i also heard that a 17 year old  in our local community had passed away after a battle with cancer.
What else can we imagine that would be more important than our own family, our children who even when they drive us nuts, are the light of our lives. Yes we get to wake them up when they have forgotton to set their alarm, we get to make their lunch, and we get to ask them how their day was when they get home, and tell them to go to bed when its getting late. Thanks Lana, i get it.  So I will be thinking how much i have, how full my life is, and try not to let the small stuff get in the way, well within reason anyway!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Nether land

A long time ago far far away, i was in a salon getting some bits waxed and wot not, when another woman who had just had her wot not done, lifted her dress to show us the handiwork. A bit unusual, as she had it dyed bright red and shaped into a heart for her valentine. cute. Thats what i thought at the time. Now i think i would dye it black and into the shape of skull and cross bones.
Its funny how we call things differently depending on where we are from, the one that comes to mind is how americans call their bottoms fanny, which here refers to female genitalia. That could be interesting in  mixed company, imagine the response to 'watch your fanny' or 'pat on the fanny' here in oz...um ok... So now whats with the fanny pack? Hmm maybe it has an emergency supply of  lubricant, razor, or tampons ?
Other transcontinental potential  misconceptions;
napkin n. Cloth or paper towel to protect the clothes while eating. Australasians refer to napkins as serviettes. Saying ``napkin'' may make Australasians think of a sanitary napkin, which is used to absorb menstrual blood.
root vi. 1. To cheer for a sports team. Root is an offensive Australian slang verb meaning ``have sexual intercourse with''. Announcing to an Australian that you ``are a cheerleader, so you don't see many football games because you are in the stands rooting'' will give a misleading impression about your devotion to the team. 2. To grow roots. ``I rooted some plants'' is practised by vegiphiles in Australia. 3. To dig or rummage. ``I was rooting around in my room for the rent money'' is done only if an Australian does not actually have the rent money.
n. An Australian may take the noun to refer to his or her sexual partner. Even so, saying ``I tripped over a root'' will occasion only the tiniest frisson of delight in your Australian correspondent; he or she will understand.
bugger n. (American slang) Someone who is mildly but persistently annoying. This term is used by older Australasians, however, to refer to someone who engages in sodomy, which is not usually even discussed, much less practised, in polite company.
So now im gonna bugger off and root around for a fanny pack that doesnt have napkins .. ;)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

rocks in his head

another blog i follow has just commented on a near miss with low flying geese, i have to regularly wait for the local brown duck family to decide when a good time is to get to the other side of our road. Mr Duck will be on one side while Mrs Duck is still standing in the middle looking at my car deciding whether or not she should waddle on to Mr Duck, well if he is like any of the male species she should head for the other side and run like hell!
My other half is really being a dick, he got about 10m3 of pebbles, which we didnt need, although i must admit to telling him about them, thinking he might get about 1 or 2 m3. These go nicely with the 30 or 40 tonne of boulders he got numerous years ago which are strewn about the garden looking as if an earthquake just hit.
Anyway so there they were on  the driveway, blocking it nicely. i scratched my car getting out so was now pissed off, so i decided to enlist the help of my slothful son to move at least enough so i could get in and out. I thought we were progressing fairly well when  other half gets home and says "thats not very good' at which some choice @#$% words were muttered from myself and i promptly left the scene before someone was murdered. So other half takes slothful son out to print a document and arrives home several hours later with a large rock moving machine. Then he cleans the gutters. So i say 'um that machine, is it gonna be used?' I narrowly missed being hit by a lump of rotting matter, i thought about giving the ladder a shake but then decided at least i would wait for the pebbles to be moved which hopefully will be tommorrow.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

immaturity lives on!

This is different, I have just been yelled at by my son, he's trying to study and apparently my music is too loud! Ha ha I have finally lived long enough to turn the tables on this generation. There is no other way to listen to acdc but LOUD, well as loud as my laptop will go anyway. He tells me im immature for a mother (thank god for that) cause i like to swear when im pissed off- doesnt everyone ? I guess im pissed off a lot! At least he still danced with me at his formal, that was nice, although not sure why no one else was doing the same dance, he did a great impersonation of john travolta in pulp fiction when he danced with uma thurman and then we sort of tangoed down the dance floor. At least we had fun. I wonder where he gets it from?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Let there be Light

This is stuck in my head, only cause its an acdc song of course, not in the biblical sense, god forbid, Bon Scott did a much better job!
And i know the title is let there be rock, but i always remembered it as light for some reason.
I managed to get tickets for the concert and it was fab,  there were a million people, and angus is still rockin non stop. So in this theme i will post a utube vid..., this is one of my fav's. Let there be rock
ahh the good old days, and i couldnt leave this one out, so here it is...
its a long way to the shop if ya wanna sauage roll!