Monday, February 28, 2011


i have a headache. actually its more like someone slugged me in the back of the head with a cricket bat.


im taking painkillers, but i know that its still there waiting for them to wear off.
 pain in the head is hard to deal with, there is no external symptoms to treat, noone else can tell how much it hurts.
pain. it can get you down, if you let it.
but i wont let it.
my heat pack is wonderful
my packet chicken soup is good.

i am ok.
its just pain.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

every day

   Every Day i am grateful for all that is good in my life
my two healthy children - they sometimes need a little advice on daily life (clean up your room, put away your clothes- no not on the floor in your bedroom, do the dishes etc..)
hubby who tries so hard to provide for us all, working away from home - his paradise,
the dog who greets me with so much love, everyday, funny girl, who leaves her fur all over the house! Im sure i will be finding it long after she is gone!
Its the everyday that make our lives, how we speak to eachother, the little things we do to help eachother, sharing moments to savour for a long time.
I hope we continue to be so blessed for a very long time.

So i try to send a prayer to those i know who really need it at this time in their lives, whose everyday is a challenge,and take nothing for granted for in a moment it may be gone.

 Hope all is well in your world

Monday, February 21, 2011

Liebster Awards

oh its so hot here, it was 35c yesterday, and we are looking for a car for our son, he has been driving our 4 wheel drive, which is ok but now he needs his own to get to and from  uni/ home /work. So off again today to look at another one in 33c ! AC is a must here!
And now for a lovely surprise ...

 i have been nominated for a Liebster Award from Ann Marie from 16 Muddy Feet, bless her cotton socks, she is a sweetie with so many things going at any one time, and manages to produce the most lovely quilts. I now have chosen a few of the blogs i follow who i hope will like this award, which was started as a pay it forward thing for small bloggers, and its a great way to link up and see the talent all over the world, made by someone just like you !

 Amanda from Sea Breeze Quilts, she produces amazing works in such beautiful colours and has also many projects going on at any one time,
Rossylalah who i have just found through the OWOH thingy, she makes some really beautiful cards, tags and other lovelies,
Naomi from Nomes brag a long  another bag lady amongst other lovely creations and a self confessed dag!
Little Geen Shed, i love her photos and general thoughts on life, kids and crafty stuff 
Jane from Marigold Jam, who shares her wise thoughts and observations in this strange world we live in, trying to be more self sufficient, less consumerable, and generally a lovely person,

So have a great week everyone, hope all is well in your world!

Friday, February 18, 2011

creative friday

Today has been a great day, I am working on my latest quilt, trying a new quilting design in a floral pattern, its been fun.

I also have been invited to maybe appear on another quilting blog, i am crossing all appendages in hope!
Thank you Linda for hosting, go check out the lovely stuff here Natural Surbubia
 Have a great weekend everyone!

one world one heart

And The Winner Is ....NOME from, congratulations, Naomi, I hope you like my little bag, I laughed when my random thingy chose you, another bag lady! Well its been a hoot! Thats for you Nome!
Hubbie graciously modelled for me!

 I would have liked to get to visit more entries, but the ones i did had some really great stuff, and the some beautiful  things were made, by very talented gals. I will be joining the new venture Lisa has created  Our World Our Art so check it out if you would like to join, thanks a million  Lisa.

Hope to see you there!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

wonderful finds and a little creative space

found these on the net


Fancy feather design

Dreaming of a craft room like this

 Martha Stewarts  table setting, come over for lunch!

I made this little bag, and cushion cover,
waiting for the shop to get the webbing in for the bag strap

You can check out more creative stuff at
 So whats happening in your world ?

Saturday, February 12, 2011

colourful thoughts

 The latest quilt which i thought i would just sew squares together, but it looked a bit boring so i cut some up into triangles, i think it turned out ok, although i must admit i forgot to trim the squares down so now they are bigger than the triangles, but oddly it still came together ok. There are a few places where lines dont meet, but i am  living with it, and the colours are so vibrant it makes me feel very happy when i look at it. I love the bright colours, i think they say a fair bit about the sort of person i am,  which i woul like to think of as colourful, not perfect, not too boring!

This i just had to get a photo of, one of those priceless moments !

Sam will be leaving soon to join the army, we will miss him greatly, he is just like this in life, full of fun and loads of enthusiasm, i pray he stays safe. The dog wasnt sure about having stars for eyes, but she is so sweet, she sat there for him!

I have also just picked up a very interesting book called The Brain That Changes Itself by Norman DoigeMD, which is all about how our brains can change its physical pathways according to how we think and feel, or if injured or impaired and  how it can adapt to heal itself, which medical science previously thought not possible. This gives hope to many people with disabilities due to brain injury or malfunction.
Did you know that blind people actually use the visual part of  their brain to "see" brail through their fingers, and if this is blocked they cant read.
So if you think hard enough about something , visualise the task, and do this consistently, your brain will create the pathway to make it possible, amazing! Food for thought indeed.
Freud was one of the first to discover this through his work on neurophysiology back in 1895 and published  'Project for  a Scientific Psychology' one of the first models to integrate brain and mind, still regarded today.
So we are what we think, and we can be what we think we want to be!

Have a thoughtful weekend everyone!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Hi there Sue !

I have had the pleasure of meeting so many lovely people out there its been amazing.
But there is a special person i would like to introduce, this lovely lady has been reading my humble ramblings, she doesnt have a blog, but loves to look at others, so this is Sue and her story,

I should tell you where I am.
My husband of 48 years (this Feb.23rd)
and I live in a small town in north central 
Alberta, population about 1500 and we are 
one and a half hours from the nearest city
which is where we have to go for medical
appointments requiring specialists.  
We have a wonderful slate of doctors here,
5 doctors who work part time, trading hours
to cover around the clock.
We have two seniors lodges and two extended
care facilities since we are a center for
the elderly in the area which covers many
miles around us.
Our hospital is across the street from our
house which is very convenient. 
This first quilt was also my very first quilt.
I made it for my brother's 25th anniversary 
of his ordination to the priesthood in 1983,
actually I started it two years earlier so 
that I would have it finished on time. 
The only machine sewing is the joining of the 
large pieces, the food, dishes and cutlery are
all hand appliqued and the entire quilt is 
hand quilted. He was a great cook so this
was an appropriate choice, I had no pattern
but had a picture. The more I added to the
menu though, the bigger the quilt got, 
the final dimension was 96" x 108". 
Sadly, three years later, he passed away  
suddenly of an arithmea (not sure of the 
spelling)at the age of 55. 
He had purchased a wooden drapery  rod so
he could hang it on a cedar wall in his home
and now it is rolled up in a pillow case
in my closet because I don't have a suitable
place to hang it. 
The second one is called 3 Bean Salad 
(my e-mail) and the story behind the e-mail
goes like this.  My daughter was helping me
to change my e-mail address (I need her 
because I get lost in those things), 
I had been looking for this pattern for a 
long time, made many calls to quilt shops 
all to no avail. I was so frustrated when  
she came to help me make my change that I 
said, "Just give me 3beansalad" and that's
how it came about.
The third picture is an example of some quilts
I have made for a womens' shelter. When I 
make quilts for the children, I like to  
accompany them with a little comfort teddy
wrapped in a matching quilt.
I just learned that my hip replacement will be
 in about 9 months, can you believe that? 
I'll continue doing the exercises to keep up 
muscle tone, it hurts so much to move around 
and the exercises don't hurt quite as much 
and will make recuperation much easier and 
faster. I have to remind myself that there 
are people worse off.
I will let you get back to your life now, 
you people who blog and entertain and teach 
have to be so very busy and I don't want
to take more of your time.  I have to tell
you that I have a nephew who is a professor 
of kinesiology at the university in Melbourne
so I have a bit of connection to you!
 She has told me that she cant stand still 
for more than 2 minutes as her hip hurts so 
much. And her quilts are just fabulous.
So if you can pray for Sue that she is 
able to have her hip fixed as soon as 
possible that would be lovely, 
Love and Hugs to you Sue xox 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

creative friday

Well its actually saturday here now, but im hoping i still qualify! I was at work and then had a work function later so that made it a bit hard for me to get anything done on friday, its very tropical here at the moment, and i wish it would cool down, im looking at everyone snow pics, they are amazing! Such a contrast to here. Anyway i made a little bag for the owoh event earlier this week, so i am setting about to make a few more with some of these fabrics this weekend,

 And i have made this quilt top too

hope you all have a crafty lovely time out there!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

splash of colour

 Have a gander at these, isnt nature amazing ?

these lovelies are by the back door

this beauty i have posted before, but they have just flowered again now
hope your days is as colourful and cheery!

btw please pray for us qlders bracing for cyclone yasi category 5 with 295 km winds expected, we are far enough away to prob only get the wind and rain, but those up north are going to be in for a really terrible time.