Friday, May 27, 2011

C'est Tre Chic ! or another silly tourist in Paris

Well its been a while, but  i thought i would post about the Paris leg of our euro trip.
We left London wishing we could spend more time there, it is a fab city with so much to see and do, but we got on the eurostar excited to be heading for Paris. We managed to get through customs after a officer insisted on emptying the girls bag, he was only trying to perv im sure, but he was nice, so no dramas except the girl was embarrassed when all her personal things were there for all to see! The journey is short by Aussie standards, only 2 hours to the centre of Paris, same time as from my house to Brisbane! The channel crossing was over in a flash, i didnt even realise we were in France until i saw the signs not in english! Travel guide for dummies is what i need! I managed to ask for  my Paris Visite card and museum pass all in french, the counter attendant was so lovely he smiled and replied in english! He was very helpful and pointed me in the right direction for the metro line i needed. It was the last time i used it, the metro was a navigational nightmare! Anyway we were off to a good start. Our hotel was very close to the St Michel subway, which is as close to the centre of the city as you can get on the left side of the river, it was fabulous. We dumped our things and headed off to explore, we were so excited we forgot the camera and went back for it!
 Notre Dame

The Sacre Cour in Montemarte, the weather was very warm for early spring in Paris so all the flowers were already out, which was lucky for us!

A Paris Greeter took us to this garden walkway created from a disused railway line, it was beautiful,  you would never know about this unless a local showed you. She was very nice and showed us some very interesting things about the archiitecture and history of Paris.

The Luxembourg Gardens were gorgeous, it was a bit cooler this day but still so pretty.

And Le Tour Eiffel of course! 
There were so many things to show you but that would have made an epic post, we went to the louvre which has to be the worlds most amazing gallery, the paintings are truly incredible, we spent two half days there alone!  

 Trying to walk around looking up all the time!
The French Revolution

Keep smiling !

Sunday, May 22, 2011


Well I managed to cut out most of the strips for this quilt, still have some more to cut, as this is another large one, so there are a lot! The four and nine patch squares are in progress, i hope to have this done in the next couple of weeks, work is getting in the way!
 I also manged to make more jam and burnt the butt of the pot !
The muffins have disappeared miraculously ! There were 12 in this batch, somehow that is never enough!

A cardie is in progress, hopefully will get it done before winter ends! Photo later- the camera only has a long range lens at the moment, the other one is off to be repaired again, hopefully for the last time! The above photo is a bit blurry for this reason.
Hope you all had a great night, its now sunday here, and i am off  to work, again, thanks Heidi for hosting xx

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weekend treats

Rosella jam and lemons from the tree, the pineapple from a local farmer, yum!

Finally a finish!
Yes this is the quilt in my banner, bound and quilted at last!
So now onto the next quilt full steam ahead!
I am so far behind  its ridiculous! So what do i do? Start another one, oh of course! hehe, no sense in being sensible now is there! 
I heard this silly joke on the radio this am "how does a monkey toast his bread ? under a gorilla of course!" life can a silly joke sometimes! Hope you are having fun!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Bloggers Quilt Festival

I love to quilt, even though i am not that great at it, i make loads of mistakes, something about it is very rewarding, i have given my quilts to family who love them,  and its a fab way to meet like minded people all over the wide web world! So now I am in the process of making a new quilt for my son who is now 18 and has outgrown his first one!
 He still loves it but, he needs something a bit more grown up! His first quilt was the beginning of my quilting journey, so this will be another special quilt as it will be one that will with him while beginning of his journey into life. He has found a place to stay about 30 mins from home, not too far away!  he can come home for dinner! So this quilt will remind him his family will be with him always, and keep him warm and snug, a blanket of love :)
Here it is in the book finished, in Jelly Roll Quilts by Pam and Nicky Lintottt, i have only started cutting it out, but its getting there, hopefully before he turns 30!
This colour range is just perfect, it has only just arrived, which is my excuse and im sticking to it!
Now i hope this is good enough for the quilt festival, i have been making other quilts, but this one is special.
Now im off to check out some of the creations there, hope you can join me! Thanks Amy! 
 Bloggers Quilt Festival at Amy's Creative Side.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

surprise! more goodies!

A little parcel arrived today that i have been eargerly awaiting, now i need to organise myself to make the quilt! I seem to be procrastinating more than usual for some reason.

 I love the red, white and blue, very patriotic! Apologies for the poor photo might need new glasses !

 My laptop was away with an unexpected problem concerning the hard drive, except the techie told me it was the wireless card, so i didnt worry about losing data, now im having to think of all the things that i need to recover from the old one!
The weather is divine for a change, i love autumn and winter, they are my favourite time of year, i can wear a jumper for a change! And fluffy slippers that i got for mothers day!

Hope your week is going well, its all down hill to the weekend now!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Living in a time warp!

One week to get organised for the Bloggers Quilt Festival, crap, I am not organised! Amy has kindly featured a few of my quilts on her last post, i am humbled, thank you Amy! Her blog is Amys Creative Side which is full a fabulous quilts and hostess to the Bloggers Quilt Festival.
 I have been at work with no time to spare since our trip,  so today i am going to be hiding with my quilting as i need to try and finish a few projects, start another one for my committment to myras challenge which needs to be finished before the end of the month, and i am waiting for the rest of my fabric order to turn up! Oh and we are going out for Mothers Day lunch, which will be lovely we will be at a beachside restaurant so i hope the weather holds up! Noosa is a beautiful beach, we are very blessed

Noosa Beach

Hope you all have a fabulous mothers day where ever you are, xx

Monday, May 2, 2011

London Calling..

After our fabulous time in Hong Kong we made the 13 hour flight to London, while watching about 4 movies, and an entire series of Big Bang Theory, Lunch and Dinner, we flew over the icy plains of Russia, and finally arrived at 4pm London time. It was a warm sunny afternoon- perfect to wander through Hyde Park, which is what we did.
This is the first thing we saw, squirrels everywhere! They were cute, not like possums they can be really nasty!

 Hyde Park is very pretty in spring

the famous gates of Buckingham Palace, much less crowded then !

What a fabulous view from the eye of Big Ben and Parliament

A bit of sillyness!
St Pauls, love the orange globe!

A sneaky shot of inside, the brits are a bit uptight about photos inside their churches, unlike the French !
fortunately they let us take this one!
 Outside Westminster Abbey
 the amazing stained glass windows
 and looking up- this is spectacular, Wills and Kate were here just a couple of weeks later!
So much history in these corridors
Inside the abbey square, im not sure if the marquees are there all the time or if it was the beginning of preparation for the big day
A lovely peaceful spot for the clergy to relax, you wouldnt know one of the worlds largest cities was outside the walls while here

I really loved London and plan to come back and do a proper tour of the country, which looks so beautiful, green fields and so much history, i could spend a lot of time here, maybe even move over for a while, now that would be fab. Our next stop was Paris, another beautiful city full of so many things to see!