Thursday, December 30, 2010

Wild wild west !

The morning dawned as if it was the beginning of creation with the sun out- omg is that the sun?? And then after checking that my retinas were still intact i wondered down to the kitchen  for my morning coffee, when i heard Sam screaming from the drive for me to come quickly, thinking he must have a spider (he is extremely arachnophobic) bothering him. I looked out the window and discovered a CAMEL standing there checking out his car! Sam was beside himself - "OMG THERE IS A CAMEL- LOOK A CAMEL!!!  To which i replied yes its a camel, dont worry ! Sam was too busy trying to run away, yelling "OMG CAMEL, THERE'S A CAMEL !" I gave up on Sam and left him to sort out his own hysteria!
This guy was very friendly- a bit too friendly actually and tried to follow me inside, except he wouldnt fit in the door thankfully! My neighbours have a couple of them and this one must have stepped over the fence, as it did with my gardens, hmmm. I got a few photos but he made a beeline for the camera, probably thinking it was a shiny nut or something edible!

im backing off fairly quickly here, these things move fast!

That has made for an interesting start of the day, all of the wildlife must be out in the tiny bit of sunshine we have this morning as our water dragon was sunning itself beside the pool, and the birds were in full chirp!
Have a great day, hope yours is full of surprises too!


marigold jam said...

OMG indeed. I'd know I' well and truly flipped if that happened to me here!! What a start to your day.


Melissa Plank said...

How completely exciting! A camel!!! What's next?