Monday, December 27, 2010

Breathing a sigh of relief or wish it didnt go so fast? Whichever hope you all had a great christmas with family and friends. We were fiddling around the yard in the morning as it wasnt raining for the first  time in about 2 months, squelching around the yard ankle deep in mud trying to clean up a bit. Which was fairly useless as it has been pouring ever since! It is so wet everything is going mouldy, our tile floor was wet and we hadnt mopped! So the aircon is on to dry out the house and us before we go mouldy!
But we had a great day at a friends house the food was fantastic - yummy pastries, things on sticks and dips, it was so nice not to worry about cooking!
You know when you have had too much to drink because all of a sudden stupid stuff comes out of your mouth- well more than usual- and then your feet seem to be switched around, and your giggling at everything! I started hiccupping, giggling, hiccupping some more and nearly fell in the water feature- which i think i mistook for the ground  its so wet! Fortunately husband propped me up and lead me to safety and drove us home!
i promptly fell unconscious for next couple of hours! Ah it was fun!
We did our turkey in the evening it was stuffed with apple, pine nuts and some cinnamon yum! All prepared otherwise we would have had toast!
Boxing day evening was spent with our son's girlfriends family, more yummy food, champagne and son chauffered us home, so it all has been a very merry christmas!
 Santa arrived- a bit too skinny this one!

 self explanatory!

 Yummy chocs - there were boxes everywhere this one somehow survived until boxing day!

Its a bit tropical  here !

Hope you are all enjoying yourselves way too much and looking forward to the new year!


marigold jam said...

I'd have to say I'm a sigh of relief person myself and am always glad to get back to normal although this year it was normal since there were just the 2 of us and we didn't bother with special food having had a Christmas lunch on Christmas Eve. Glad you enjoyed yourself and wish you all the best for the New Year. Hope the rain stops soon and that you dry out and don't go mouldy!


Joanne said...

Sounds like a great Christmas!
Have a wonderful new year!!♥