Thursday, December 16, 2010

New Year Phd Challenge

Hi all,   i recently got back into quilting after a long hiatus! I made two quilts for my children when they were little- they are now very big! So this year i started again and have been slowly working my way into improving my skills without tearing my hair out - well only a little bit of hair pulling!
So when i saw this challenge i thought it would be good fun!
My blog is about my journey with quilting, teenagers and anything that amuses me really!

Myra's PHD's  should get us all on our bums in front of the sewing machine, so i have nominated three projects that are waiting to be finished,

Number one is a quilt i started a while back - and have been looking at it and wondering how to quilt it, the thing is bloody humugous, big enough for a double size bed.

Number two is something i thought would be a challenge, and is still waiting for me to be challenged!

 I am scared all the points will be crappy!

Number three is another kit i bought at a craft show- actually i have more but im trying to be realistic!

Still in plastic ! lots of little points hmmmm...

I am really looking forward to seeing everones work, its very inspiring, so thank you very much Myra !xox
And i will try to become more tech savvy! 


Mrs A said...

oops this was supposed to go on myras blog! oh well you may as well read it too!

marigold jam said...

Oh that's a relief as you certainly wouldn't catch me doing those angled points and if I lived to be 200 I would never be able to make a double bed sized quilt! Good luck with yours though and it all looks great.