Monday, December 13, 2010

humid, stupid and only slightly mad

Holy snappping duckshit, its so humid here it feels like a permanent sauna ! Thankfully (i think) ive been at work in the aircon for the entire week set at 21-23 C  thank you very much. So now im too tired to do anything except look at what everyone else is doing, good god you are all so bloody talented i think i will just stop right now! I had hoped to get my quilting foot problem solved but was called in to work, all week, did i mention that?
It was an interesting week, i had a change of scenery and did a few recovery shifts - i had to stand up to a burly rude surgeon who insisted his patient was fine post a procedure, when clearly she was not, and ended up in ICU where i normally work, after i called an emergency, and said to him -I TOLD YOU SO!  He was very sheepish after this. So i made some friends in the theatre!  The nursing staff (and most of the Dr's!) were all so supportive and thankful, they made me feel very welcome and cheered me on for standing up for the patient.
I even got invited to their xmas do, which was lovely.
Well it seems to have finally stopped raining, seriously thought about building that ark, but noah was probably busy filling a gazillion orders as the entire east coast and inland of australia is under water!
I did manage to brave the shops today to get  a few more odds and ends - im spoiling my kids again, undies with smurfs for the girl and lookalike ed hardy for the boy, you have to get undies on xmas it wouldnt be normal not to! they are so lucky i love shopping! It wasnt too bad, surprisingly, i managed to fill my litlle drag along basket with loads of stuff,  i found a new book by Dawn French - its hilarious, i will read it before xmas, then i can give it to someone! Hehe, what? No im not being cheap, just practical ! Besides i need a good laugh, she has described life with teenagers in an honest and very funny way, and like the title its a tiny bit fabulous!
Hope your week is filled with only a tiny bit of madness!

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marigold jam said...

Seems s strange to be reading about Australia being so wet and of course hot which it certainly isn't here! Glad you were able to stand up to that surgeon and hope the patient will make a full recovery. Hope too the children will like their undies and that you will all have a great Christmas.