Saturday, January 1, 2011

Day one 2011

365 to 2012 !!!
The first day of the year has started with a good sleep in until 6 am! Well, it has been a great day, i worked on my quilt doing the fmq which has been interesting, i had to unpick a bit to fix a couple of spots but its going ok, although when i look at how good everyone elses is i have to say mine looks a bit crappy !
I love the photos of those in the snow, its so beautiful. The cold air is wonderful to be in, it makes me feel alive, i just love walking through the trees and the quietness of the alps here, which i know are nothing like the northern hemisphere in terms of meters of snow, but its still so beautiful, alpine gums trees have the most amazing colours. Here are some i thought i would share with you all.


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Jenna said...

Wow! Beautiful pictures.