Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ark weather and other ramblings

Finally a day off to do nothing in particular, so i thought some more FMQ would be in order. The sewing machine had other ideas, hmmpff. I had done a few squares when i noticed the foot moving around a bit, i took it off and had a look, nothing seemed amiss so back on it went and then the needle plunged into the foot and broke. Its not aligned for some unknown reason., so off to the shop tomorrow to see whats the problem. So at a loss of what to do next, i hosed down the windows - its been raining continually for what seems like the 40 days and nights, so there is water pouring out of the tank,  so the windows had the dog drool and other bits cleaned off. We might need noahs ark here soon, there was a moat around the hospital yesterday, and some were worried about not being able to get home, being stuck at work isnt everyones cup of tea, but at least we had beds! Back to today, so after 10 minutes of hosing it started to rain again, i gave up, and decided to hire some movies to watch, theres very little worth watching, but we managed to get four ! The aircon is cranked up to deal with the 100% humidity - the condensation looks like it should be cold outside, but its 29C -yuk. Im really in the wrong hemishpere or latitude- i hate the heat and humidity, i love snow, and dont mind shovelling it to get the car out, and dont mind wearing my snow jacket everywhere, and my kids and the dog love it too, esp the dog- she has enough fur for a blizzard !
 Here are some old photos at Falls Creek,

 kids having fun

 digging out the car

these were taken a while back, the kids have grown loads since then.

Hope you all have a great week, and those in the snow find time to have a snow ball fight, its fun as long as they are not packed tight !

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marigold jam said...

Looks just like here at the moment! You are welcome to come and share the cold with us.