Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Blog, rain, fmq and not much else really

Could someone let god know he left the tap on full over north eastern australia, it is still raining nonstop! And that we now have waterfront property everywhere, thanks !
The poor dog has been skirting around the house under the eaves to find somewhere to pee and not get drenched!
I tried a bit of creative stuff and managed to quilt most of my bloom quilt but then had to unpick a bit (ok lots) as i caught the fabric underneath in a couple of spots, but i seem to have a feel for the FMQ now. I have to get an extension table for my machine, its a challenge at the moment without one. I keep staring out the window and then look at the computer to see what everyone else is up to, which seems to be a lot more than i have done! I did redo my blog as i was bored with the old one and everyone else has been updating so i thought i had better keep up! I went with the raindrops to go with our weather!
I think i will start knitting again, i have a half done cardie in a black mohair which is fine but i doubled the wool hoping it would halve the time to knit ! Is it obvious im not concentrating?

I have done a swirl of sorts -kind of like possum tails!

I have seen the amazing quilting out there and decided they must all have those fancy long arm computerised things as they are too perfect! Mine are very basic and mostly wobbly, i think i will call it the merry possum !
Apart from that our feet are now webbed and the dog thinks she is a duck! 
Hope you are all having a lovely time doing whatever it is that makes you happy!


marigold jam said...

Love the new format and that quilt in your header is so cheerful - just what we need eh - you with all your rain and me with a foggy grey morning here.

There are certainly some very quilted bloggers out there and if I could make just one quilt and quilt it as you have done I'd be thrilled. Love the one you've done there - I only ever managed to do a couple of cushion covers!


Mrs A said...

Thanks Jane, you could teach me how to do cushion covers - im useless with them! Hope your greyness turns to sunshine!