Wednesday, December 15, 2010

While some of you were sleeping !

 I have had my sewing machine for approx 17 years, and recently- as in yesterday ! I found this wonderful little foot in my box of sewing machine bits ! Low and behold its a foot i can FMQ with !!! I did a little happy dance - as Mrs P says,  which was prob more like a OMG what an idiot i am not to notice this before!! Picture me smacking myself in the head- duh duh duh!!!
I had spent $50 on two that dont fit properly, only to find this little beauty that works perfectly! I was so excited- i know small things !- that i had to give it a go, well i had to wait until i finished work, but this is what i did when i got home,

I have never done this before so its just wiggly lines all over the quilt
but when i get better at it i will try patterns,  
I was very happy with this, i now can bind it and give it to mum for xmas! 


Joanne said...

Your FMQ is great!! I can't believe you have never done it before. The quilt is beautiful and I am sure your mum will love it.♥

marigold jam said...

I am glad it's not only me that has had my sewing machine for donkeys' years and only now find how it works and what some of it is for. However I am a dimbo and don't know what a GMQ is am I the only one who doesn't know? Can it be free machine quilting perhaps?


Mrs A said...

Yes its Free Motion Quilting (Freakin mad Quilters could also be it or something rude not that i would ever put it print !) Well done, i still get confused when there is a new abbreviation i havent heard !