Saturday, March 26, 2011

up, up and away!

By the time i publish this i will be airborne for the trip of my life! I doubt that i will have time to do much blogging while away, but if there is a computer and i have a few minutes i will try to upload some photos, which my daughter will be happily snapping away!

I am hoping the weather will be good, it seems spring is in the air, it has warmed up considerably which will be nice for us tourists! I am so excited, i cant sit still! How i will sit for 12 hours on the plane will be a challenge! I planned the trip so that we stop over in Hong Kong first so that we dont have the almighty 24 hour + flight  which is just ridiculous! We also dont have to fly overnight which would make me one cranky passenger! I dont do sleep deprivation very well! Australia is a bloody long way from the rest of the world!
Everything seems to be organised to the last detail, i just hope there are no hiccups !

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