Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A conundrum of sorts!

I just read an interesting post of a blogger who quilts, and is published in various magazines etc, but her blog is a place where she could say it as it is and frequently did with a few choice words !  Then she discovered her neighbour found the blog, so now she has to be diplomatic in her writing. Well i guess its inevitable someone will not appreciate what our opinions are, but does that mean we all have to be sugary nice all the time? I try to keep my entries positive and if im not happy then i usually keep it to myself, maybe i should vent more often?  Should i be letting the world know that something is bothering me? I could fill pages with the sort of whining that goes on in my head sometimes! I did relate to her thoughts of alienating herself even more so, im not like a lot of people either, i say it how it is too, but a lot of people dont like it. So you soon find out who the important people in your life are! Im not sorry if someone has been a total jerk and now i choose not to include them in my life anymore, that their problem! ahh thats life. I love that quilting is a relaxing past time, mostly! My stitch ripper is my best friend! Besides the dog of course! And my family.


Ann Marie said...

I don't think she should have changed the way she wrote on her blog, and if her neighbor didn't like it, well her neighbor doesn't have to read it either. I tell it like it is, if you don't like it, seeeee ya! Not my loss, it is yours. When I meet people they either love me, or they hate me. That is fine with me, I do what I want to do without caring if so and so is going to like it or not. Quilting is a good stress reliever that is why I love doing it in the evenings after dealing with some people I have to work with.

Mrs A said...

Yep, i agree! At least you know where you stand hey? Thanks, i feel better now! Quilting is a great stress reliever!

Peter said...

Of course, we must be a liitle bit careful; everything we write is registered for different purposes. On the other side, I think blogging should offer the opportunity to express what we think. If e.g. in the comments we only allow ourselves to say something like "nice photo", it would be a pity.

I saw in your comments that you soon will travel. If you feel that you would like a "guide" or just a little meeting over a drink, feel free to contact me. (My email address is in my profile.)