Tuesday, March 29, 2011

good old times

Over the last few months there has been a gathering of names to a list that was originally created thirty- yes 30- years ago. This has been no small feat considering name changes and a bit of age, but we are now having a 30year school reunion! What started out as a chance in a million find of an old school friend on fb, now over 60 of us have reconnected, there were a lot more in our final year originally, however, but with any luck more will be found. I guess most of us have changed a lot, i really have some trouble remembering everyone, but it will be a lot of fun on the night! Our suburb in Sydney was always joked upon on the tv by Don Lane and Bert Newton, they had a lot of fun with the name of our suburb - Rooty Hill! In oz "a root" is slang for having sex!
So i have a few months to rack my brain cells that are left to try and remember everyone, name tags would really help on the night! I'm sure it will be fun, if we can remember who we all are! There is one person that i really miss, but unfortunately he will never be  there as his life was cut short much too soon, not long after we left high school. He was one of my best friends. So i will go and celebrate the fabulous times we had, memories of dodging detention, being naughty and then having to pick up rubbish, and learning some stuff  in between somewhere! You know im not sure if much of what we learnt was useful later in life, but we had a bloody good time!
 I am the one with the can of fanta in my hand, my sister has the blue beanie on

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