Friday, March 4, 2011

Creative Friday and this moment

 I am glad to say i am feeling much better now, i contracted a nasty bug -occupational hazard !  
Well other news, i just returned from Sydney - after buying a car there for our son, we flew down and drove it back, which is a long way- 1200 km! But we had a great trip, i drove the first few hours out of the city, we stayed overnight in Newcastle, which took about 4 hours to get to but is only about 150km - city traffic in Sydney is hectic to say the least! I grew up in Sydney so it was  familiar although i did miss the motorway and ended up driving the old way through suburbs! Sydney is such a beautiful and diverse city, i will go back soon and spend some more time there.

 Sydney Harbour Bridge Opera House in background

 View from the bridge looking back to the city
that ship was huge!

 He drove the rest of the way, he is such a careful driver, i was impressed! It was good to spend some time with him before he ventures out into the world, although i didnt like his music, we lsitened to the radio instead!

In other news i have nearly finished another quilt, just need to do the final quilting around the border and binding.
 Next i am in the process of designing a quilt- which is not as easy as first thought! I could buy a program to help, but stubbornly have been persisting with drawings and little bits of paper strewn about with figures scrawled all over them! I will do it!

thank you Linda for hosting Creative Friday and this moment, check out the fab talent on her linky thingy


marigold jam said...

Interesting to see the photos of Sydney as my daughter is there at the moment before flying on to Argentina with a friend. Hope your quilt turns out well in the end!


Joanne said...

Glad you are feeling better.
Wonderful pictures - I had to do a double take on the boat - it is huge.
Your quilt is beautiful♥

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

So wonderful to hear that you are feeling better and the photos of sydney are lovely :) I especially like the night one. Your quilt looks so pretty!! Love all the florals and way to go on making your own pattern. I've got a pinwheel one that I'm making right now without a pattern and I can completely relate to the scribbles of paper with measurements *grin*. Adding in all those seam allowances and making sure all the blocks still add up together is tricky isn't it! Have a blessed day :)

gpc said...

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