Monday, March 14, 2011

Farm friday

Well the weekend is almost over here, it went in a flash, like superman over tall buildings! So im a bit late with this post, been at work the last three days!
We dont really have a farm, just acres of grass that grows a mile a minute, esp with all the rain we have had recently. We do have some herbs and veges growing, mostly out of control!

Our neighbours have camels which are interesting, and there is the odd cow and other wildlife around. My madman of a husband has this vision of a garden of eden and has been madly planting anything he takes a fancy to! I do like bromeliads, and have been collecting them lately.  

This is a lovely lookout not far from our house  

happy farmings, thank you to wabi sabi for hosting , and all the lovely farmy things there!

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W-S Wanderings said...

Oh, I am so soothed by all of the wonderful green that you get to enjoy! Sigh. We're still stuck in the snow/slush stage leading up to early spring. Now, I like how you described how your veggies and herb garden grows. We too have utterly out of control gardens :-)

Many thanks for playing along. It's always lovely to visit!

Blessings and light...