Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tag your it !

Michelle from Love Chinook Winds has tagged me and has these questions
1. Do you like to travel.
2. What is your favorite travel destination spot.
3. Where do you sew.
4. How much time do you spend sewing during the week.
5. Have you ever been on a sewing retreat.
6. Do you have an etsy shop and or do you sell your crafts at fairs.
7. What other hobbies do you have.
8. What is your favorite charity. 
9. Do you quilt or knit for charity.
10. What is your dream sewing machine if cost was not a problem.
11. Be honest. How big is your stash.

 So I guess its fun sharing some things about each other, I will answer them in context rather than order.

Of course I love to travel hence my blog address of travelling holycow ! Although I don't particularly like the planning phase so I am a last minute person and sometimes just wing it. In fact I am travelling to the USA next month and have only partially booked accommodation. I figure there will be somewhere to stay even if it is crapsville! 

I can say that after stepping out onto the cliffs of Sorrento, Italy with its jaw dropping scenery would be hard to beat, its my header photo.  Italy is fabulous :)

But my favourite destination is London, I love everything about this city and wished I lived closer. 

I sew on the dining table, its a perfect size and we usually eat at the kitchen island bench which just feels comfortable for us, so I dont have to tidy up which is great! I did have my son's room but he moved back in :0  Sometimes I get a couple of hours a week to fiddle around with my fabrics, but I dont always get any sewing done! I was invited to a retreat but wasnt able to make it there, so maybe next time.  i dont sell my quilts, I usually give them away as gifts, or worthy causes. I support various charities here, and have a regular donation to world vision. I did dabble in art work for a while, and may go back to this one day.

My Bernina 820 which is my dream machine, is fabulous, I figured the benefit greatly outweighed the cost! I just organised my stash which has taken up a considerable space in my laundry and I still think I can't find anything !

So if you would like to participate, go on give us a story about you, and leave me a comment so I know you would like us to visit :)  

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Lynne said...

Thanks for sharing the answers to those questions - it was fun getting to know you a little more.