Thursday, November 15, 2012

FNSI time !

Yay its FNSI !

So I have to confess that for me it will be a sunday sew in here in Oz as I am working Friday and Saturday till late, but I have the time difference advantage :)
I have a project that needs finishing, well actually there are a few that need finishing but I will focus on the one that I can do in a day! I'm a puddler when it comes to finishing things at times, its almost like I want to keep things just not quite done for some odd reason.

Anyway you can join in on the fun here at Heidi's, hope you have fun !
See you on Sunday for all the lovely posts :)


gilly said...

Hope work is good tonight & tomorrow, and enjoy your sewing on Sunday. Look forward to seeing your finished makes!
Happy weekend xx

Michelle G said...

Enjoy your sew in. I have tagged you - see my blog for details.