Thursday, October 11, 2012

more boring renovation

My right arm feels dead. No I haven't had a stroke, I have been scrubbing our walls and doors in preparation for the painting.

Now it feels like someone has been punching my arm all night, and I think I used way too much bleach, my head hurts! Its hard to type :(  But it is looking better! I still have the closets to deal with.
I thought the old lino :could just be pulled out, but it has been glued to the floor. Not sure what to do about that, probably just clean it and leave it, the flooring guys can sort that one out!
So I am off to the hardware to buy a pole to do the painting, and tomorrow No 1 son will be doing some work to earn his keep! Will show photos of it after the floors go down next week.
I may do some sewing to take a break from the renos, the log cabin has been stalled, I am thinking of turning  it into large euro size cushions. I should finish a quilt top, its about half done, but I am looking at starting something else interesting! Also I have decided marshmallows are a perfectly good breakfast.
Hope you are having fun! Btw go check out some clever people at Coastal Charm for Nifty Thrifty Tuesday!


marigold jam said...

Hope your arm will improve sufficiently for you to do a little sewing as light relief from the hard labour!

Lynne said...

Renovation or redecorating is plain hard work but fortunately it's very rewarding. Our flooring was laid straight over the old cork tiles so its probably best to leave it to the experts!

I don't know if I could handle that much sugar for breakfast!

Larissa said...

Renovating is always hard work - but it's always worth it in the end! Marshmallows for brekkie? Why not :)

Bella_K said...

I found your blog through 'blogtoberfest' :)
My husband and I are currently renovating our 'back room' which will eventually be my study/sewing/craft/guest room (it's a big room!) So I can sympathise with your sore arm, painting is a killer - especially ceilings!
Can't wait to see some photos!
I have subscribed! x

Vic in NH said...

Please take LOTS of photos of the ugly old stuff, hopefully in daylight for the truest colors. Two or ten years from now you will enjoy a treat down memory lane. So sorry your arms are so sore! I'm passing you some liniment and asprins. If you are not an alcoholic, plan on becoming one.