Tuesday, October 9, 2012

living room design

I love these modern living rooms, so uncluttered 

This is beautiful, though and probably more comfortable!
 i noticed the floors are tiled like most of my home, which got me thinking perhaps I should just stick with tiles throughout, and risk it looking like a giant washroom!

love these kitchen designs, I would have to do a major reno to achieve these!
Well its got me thinking that perhaps I should wait, ie more procrastination until I win lotto!
Hope you are having a great week!


marigold jam said...

As autumn is upon us here I find those rooms a tad chilly looking but then I guess in Australia you don't need to be cosy! We had tiled floors in France and they were lovely in the summer months and very practical when we came in from the garden with dirty shoes but oh so chilly in the winter months! I guess it all depends on the climate and as you say the winning of the lottery in some cases!

Lynne said...

But where do they put all the stuff that goes with a real, crafting life?