Thursday, October 4, 2012

4 girls taken from their mum

This morning when I put on the radio, I heard the very distressing story of 4 girls who have been taken from their mother here in qld and put on a plane back to Italy to their father, they were manhandled and handcuffed by police. The scenes were absolutely disgusting, these girls were screaming hysterically at being physically dragged into police cars. I cant believe it. How is this in their best interest? How is this legal? Police are only supposed to use reasonable force, yet one girl was face down on the ground with police holding her down and handcuffing her. god I would have kicked the police away. I cried seeing this it was so distressing. I couldn't imagine the horror and distress for their mum. This will be the most traumatic event in the lives of these girls, they are aged 9-15. I dont understand how their father could put them through such an ordeal just to get them back. They will hate him forever for taking them away from the mother they obviously love, and they were on the media earlier this year, they all said they wanted to stay here in Australia with their mum. They wrote to their father pleading to allow them to stay. The court ruled they were unfairly influenced by their mother. Its crap. They had a supportive extended family here, friends and a safe environment. I pray they are somehow allowed to come back home here to their mother, the sooner the better. I pray that their mum stays strong and finds a way to get her girls back. And I spit at the legal system that forced them to leave. There is a facebook page set up called kids without voices. I've left a few comments, but wish there was more I could do. Its just so unbelievable. So thats it for today. Hope yours was better.


Vicky Finch said...

I cried. for the girls, for their mum, for the complete insanity of it all.

It was cruel, and traumatising.

I don't understand any of it.

In fact, as I type, I cry again.

Miss Prudence said...

I shake my head with disbelief...I had no idea how forceably the girls were removed. Clearly this is about power and control (by the father) God only know what kind of life lays ahead of them in Italy.

gccmom said...

My daughter works in the social work field with children. I have become convinced that we have become, as people of all nationalities, so selfish that we will do whatever we have to to get what WE want. We care nothing about the consequences or how it affects others livelihood, mental health, or anything. This father is a prime example. These poor children will always bear the scars. And why was it necessary to manhandle these children....doesn't this fall under the heading of abuse?

gilly said...

How absolutely awful - just reading your post brought on the tears. Those poor girls, how can that possibly be in their best interests. Their father does not deserve to be a parent.

Karen said...

I've been following this a little in the media and just heard on the radio the court ruled they had to go, but I didn't know how it occurred.
It makes me feel physically sick to think anoyone could do this, I have three daughters so the story cuts deeply as I could not imagine living through what that mum is.
So sad.