Friday, August 3, 2012

Keep it simple stupid !

I have been very busy trying to reorganize our home now that our son has moved back and I lost my sewing space, but it has made me sort out my stuff ! I would hate to have to pack and move ! I also looked at changing my blog layout, but decided it was taking too long, so just tidied it up a bit, hence the title ! I also have tried to become more tech savvy :) I wanted to load camera shots from my phone, so I got instagram on my phone only to find out it will only talk to Twitter or fb, neither do anything for me ! But i did get it to load via picassa! The photos are not that great ! I will use the real camera in future, it is cumbersome but much better quality shots. It's a beautiful day again, the dog and I are taking a break and enjoying a bit of sun.

The icecream parlour at Harrods was my favourite thing there !

This was divine, I had to go back for a second one !
I wish there was a Harrods here ! 


Marg said...

It's been fabulous weather hasn't it, a pity it's so cold at night though.
That ice-cream looks so delicious.

Lynne said...

I'm an ice cream lover and that looks pretty good to me!