Saturday, August 11, 2012


 Still waiting for our camera to arrive from the UK  I wonder if we will ever see it again?!
 these were taken on my ph, not such good quality, but better than none!

The Abbey was very beautiful, I spoke to a lovely man there who helps out there, he was very informative, and there was a pianist playing at the time, which was fabulous.

I am starting to swear at the difficulty I am having trying to get the images from my ph,
google advertises how easy this is, hah, really?!  I did transfer the images, but it retrieved every image from my ph including those i looked at on emails, net surfing, blogs, everything! over 7500 images, holycow, i have to delete them and start again!


Helsie said...

Ha! when you've worked out an easy way to transfer the ones you want , put instructions up for the rest of us !!!
Better to have those photos than none but fingers crossed the camera will arrive safely.

marigold jam said...

Hope you do get your camera back eventually. These photos are great though and I especially love the fan vaulting in the Abbey one. As I don't have a phone that takes pics I can't help you!!

Mrs A said...

I know its a nightmare! Maybe I am just so tech dumb but it really is not easy! I will keep trying!

Lynne said...

How frustrating!

I didn't go to Bath when I was in England in 1983 but it's definitely on my list for our planned trip in 2017.

Nancy said...

The church photos are fabulous!