Thursday, November 3, 2011

I dont quite know where the last couple of weeks went!

Summer has hit, its hot and humid even though its still only spring officially!
The flowers are bloomin' and the grass is growin'!

We have had the Noosa Triathalon come and go, a few casualties due to our tropical weather that the southerners are not used to, silly buggers run themselves dry, overheat and fall over unconscious!
Spring racing in Melbourne in full swing, the finish had us all guessing for a few minutes as to who actually won and SJP has graced our shores and presented the cup for oaks day, she's looking a bit thin and rakey,  a bit like the race contenders! equine that is!

But it is great weather for swimming so that's what im going to do to try to stop my body crumbling before my eyes! 

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Helsie said...

Looks like we have the same plants in our gardens! Yesterday we had a taste of Summer here with 33C. YUK !!!