Monday, November 21, 2011

Drat i lost my photos of Capri

It seems inbetween two hard drives carking it, i lost my photos of Capri and Singapore, drat,drat double drat!!!
But apparently they should be recoverable somehow, i just need a computer geek to search and find them. So in their absence i have found some off the net to share with you of this tiny island off Sorrento Italy, with its tiny beaches, we had a laugh when the beach was pointed out to us, we both said "where? there's no beach!" But its still a gorgeous place we had a lovely boat ride around half of it and walked over from one side to another, geeting a glimpse through gates of the residences and resorts along the way.

Main port, where the ferries arrive, its so pretty

On the other side of the island some lovely resorts tucked into coves

The grottos were amazing, the water so clear, and the boat we did our trip on was exactly like this one,
It is a beautiful little island, we were fortunate it wasnt too crowded and found a great local place to eat, some locals were a bit offhand, and had the fed up with tourists look! The boat tour operator was our "guide" who was very helpful to us.
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These are fantastic photographs

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