Sunday, October 23, 2011


 Thanks again Heidi and Crafty vegas mom for the wonderful link to fnsi its a great place to check out the gorgeous stuff created around the world.
I have to admit i did my sewing on saturday, but thats still friday in usa, so i guess it still counts? Anyway i was going great guns until i plopped my squares together, and wondered why they looked a bit odd, and then realised i had sewed the ends of my stars the wrong way around. On every single square. Groan... so now i have unpicked them again and redoing them. All thirteen of them. At least i should get the other thirteen right !

Hope you all had a fun productive night!


Kathy said...

Cute star blocks!

Linda in Calif. said...

Oh no!! This is not funny!! But at least you are very good at unpicking only the part that needs to be redone. And these are great blocks, you are going to hve a grand looking quilt.

Kelli said...

Gorgeous red, white and blue!

Kelli said...

I forgot to hit the "follow" button the other day. Now following. :o) Kara the wonderdog is beautiful!! And all of your photos are gorgeous!