Monday, May 2, 2011

London Calling..

After our fabulous time in Hong Kong we made the 13 hour flight to London, while watching about 4 movies, and an entire series of Big Bang Theory, Lunch and Dinner, we flew over the icy plains of Russia, and finally arrived at 4pm London time. It was a warm sunny afternoon- perfect to wander through Hyde Park, which is what we did.
This is the first thing we saw, squirrels everywhere! They were cute, not like possums they can be really nasty!

 Hyde Park is very pretty in spring

the famous gates of Buckingham Palace, much less crowded then !

What a fabulous view from the eye of Big Ben and Parliament

A bit of sillyness!
St Pauls, love the orange globe!

A sneaky shot of inside, the brits are a bit uptight about photos inside their churches, unlike the French !
fortunately they let us take this one!
 Outside Westminster Abbey
 the amazing stained glass windows
 and looking up- this is spectacular, Wills and Kate were here just a couple of weeks later!
So much history in these corridors
Inside the abbey square, im not sure if the marquees are there all the time or if it was the beginning of preparation for the big day
A lovely peaceful spot for the clergy to relax, you wouldnt know one of the worlds largest cities was outside the walls while here

I really loved London and plan to come back and do a proper tour of the country, which looks so beautiful, green fields and so much history, i could spend a lot of time here, maybe even move over for a while, now that would be fab. Our next stop was Paris, another beautiful city full of so many things to see!

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