Friday, May 27, 2011

C'est Tre Chic ! or another silly tourist in Paris

Well its been a while, but  i thought i would post about the Paris leg of our euro trip.
We left London wishing we could spend more time there, it is a fab city with so much to see and do, but we got on the eurostar excited to be heading for Paris. We managed to get through customs after a officer insisted on emptying the girls bag, he was only trying to perv im sure, but he was nice, so no dramas except the girl was embarrassed when all her personal things were there for all to see! The journey is short by Aussie standards, only 2 hours to the centre of Paris, same time as from my house to Brisbane! The channel crossing was over in a flash, i didnt even realise we were in France until i saw the signs not in english! Travel guide for dummies is what i need! I managed to ask for  my Paris Visite card and museum pass all in french, the counter attendant was so lovely he smiled and replied in english! He was very helpful and pointed me in the right direction for the metro line i needed. It was the last time i used it, the metro was a navigational nightmare! Anyway we were off to a good start. Our hotel was very close to the St Michel subway, which is as close to the centre of the city as you can get on the left side of the river, it was fabulous. We dumped our things and headed off to explore, we were so excited we forgot the camera and went back for it!
 Notre Dame

The Sacre Cour in Montemarte, the weather was very warm for early spring in Paris so all the flowers were already out, which was lucky for us!

A Paris Greeter took us to this garden walkway created from a disused railway line, it was beautiful,  you would never know about this unless a local showed you. She was very nice and showed us some very interesting things about the archiitecture and history of Paris.

The Luxembourg Gardens were gorgeous, it was a bit cooler this day but still so pretty.

And Le Tour Eiffel of course! 
There were so many things to show you but that would have made an epic post, we went to the louvre which has to be the worlds most amazing gallery, the paintings are truly incredible, we spent two half days there alone!  

 Trying to walk around looking up all the time!
The French Revolution

Keep smiling !


Mrs A said...

yay, i fixed my commnet problem!

Kelsey said...

I found your blog through, and I just wanted to say I am really enjoying reading about your adventure! Paris is on my list of dream places to go, and your post just made it seem even lovelier.

Helsie said...

Hello Mrs A,
Nice to meet you. Glad you enjoyed your trip. Paris is my all time favourite city so I'm glad you liked it too.
Well, we just have to settle back into our usual existance till we can organise ( and finance !) another holiday.

diane said...

ah Paris, how I adore that city!