Saturday, January 22, 2011

Family and the Aussie Open

We have been in Melbourne for 5 days, which is a 2 hour flight from home,as a relative on my husbands side had passed away, although not unexpected. We did take the opportunity to do other things, like watch the Australian Open which was fantastic, god bless Auntie Joan for choosing this time to go!
We saw Jelena Docic- unfortunatley she lost, but then the Federer/ Simon game was amazing, they played 5 sets of just fabulous tennis, it was a real highlight game,  we were all so tired at the end, never mind the players ! it finished at 12.30 am. Also watched Sam Stosur - she won, which is great for the Ausssies, but dont think Tomic will stand a chance with Nadal tonight. Being able to see these games live was a real treat, something i have always wanted to do, the atmosphere is fab. I am going next year for sure.

  Great butt !
The legend in action

Jelena tried really hard, but couldnt beat her opponent

 Gorgeous girl!

 We managed to do a fair bit of stuff, the markets were amazing, i havent been there in a long time, they are in the heart of the city and have everything from specialty cheeses to the freshest fish. I bought a pair of very comfy leather walking shoes, which the girl thought were granny shoes, hmmpf im not getting that old!

 The Queen Victoria Markets

We caught a tram to St Kilda, oooh and ahhhed at the famous Cake shops, but we were so full didnt even have one! We stayed a great location, right on the doorstep of chinatown, so we ate a fair bit of chinese, plus greek which was just around the corner, the food there is so good, and such a variety of  different cultures. We found the best place for dessert, called passionflower, man i think we stuffed ourselves! 

We also found a great icecream vendor close to Federation square and sat in the deck chairs there one afernoon - it was a hot day, and watched more tennis on the big screen, what a treat!

 I love Melbourne, its great diversity of cultures and the city has so many beautiful buildings and lots of street theatre/ entertainment, we really had a great time. We did actually go for a funeral, but as Auntie Joan would have said "Just get your butt courtside" so we did, Thanks Auntie Joan, we played her favourite football song as she was placed in the hearse, she would have loved that, RIP  Auntie Joan.

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marigold jam said...

Sorry about the funeral but at least it meant you had a lovely break by the sound of it. My sister-in-law lives not far from Melbourne (Frankston I think it's called) but I have never been there. Glad you enjoyed yourselves.