Tuesday, January 11, 2011

pretty in pink and more rain

This arrived in the mail- whoo hoo!!! Its like christmas again ! They certainly brightened up my day, and ive been admiring them every time i have step over them ! There are two quilt kits so will have to get these going soon, they are in pinks mainly, which i love - still a little girl at heart ! plus more charm squares, odds & ends.
The fabric is a welcome distraction from our serious flooding here in qld australia, its been raining in biblical proportions, major highways are cut, yesterday the hospital had two patients to transfer to Brisbane, our capital,  we just made it - the rivers are just under the bridges, but now look like they have gone under. The worst floods in history,
 This has been a great excuse to quilt all day long when not working, which is nice, i might turn off the ph so i dont get called in ! Actually prob cant get there anyway !

 hope you are all having a great time doing what you love,

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marigold jam said...

Do hope the floods subside soon and that you are not under water where you live. It's a nightmare isn't it? Still it's an ill wind that blows nobody any good and at least you are finding time to get some quilting done while the rain comes down!