Monday, October 25, 2010

Show time !

I went to the craft and quilting show,  saw everything,  walked methodically around to choose what was wanted and then tried to find the stalls that  had the chosen  stuff, but it was very difficult without a map, so back  around the whole pavillion! Managed to gather quite a few lovely little stashes, lots of fun ! Its great to see the many talented quilters from around the country, there was a lovely stall from Adelaide, which im sure Mrs P  and Amanda from Sea Breeze Quilts would know about, called Patchwork By Sea, i bought a bag pattern which will add to my collection of things to do.
Also found a great stall where i bought a quilt kit and another pattern, and then was amazed at another stall from Melbourne so bought another pattern, some templates and some fabrics!

Here are some of the amazing quilts that were on display

 I have been inspired, so next post will be some finished pieces, hopefully!

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