Sunday, October 10, 2010

No Bull !

Its good to see that our hard working uni students are putting their knowledge to the test, i can only wonder at the relevance of their research, it all seems like a load of bull to me!

Aussie boffins probe lesbian cows

An intrepid team from the the University of Queensland will shortly make its way to Malaysia's central highlands to answer a question which has baffled science for centuries: is bovine lesbianism in domesticated cattle a stress reaction caused by environmental pressures?
We at El Reg reckon it's about time these boys got their act together and provided definitive evidence one way or the other as to whether homosexuality in cows and sheep is caused by biological predetermination or environment. We're sure that other pressing concerns such as a cure for AIDS and the fight against cancer can be put on the back burner while the matter is resolved. ®
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