Friday, October 8, 2010

Favorite things Friday

Ok Im jumpin on this band wagon thanks Mrs P

 Ok i didnt do the knitted vegies but i love them
Or the cup cakes but yum, 
however i did do the quilts and journal

 i pinned the top to the batting and forgot about the backing -bugger!
could be another post for stupid stuff saturday!

 the hair ball decided this was comfy

And lastly snow, i was born in the wrong hemisphere, 
as it only snows for a short time in a very small part of this 
counrty but this is taken looking up the road from our chalet at falls creek


Michelle said...

Your quilts are lovely! It's probably due to the good work of your furry quilt inspector. ;-)

I've never seen knitted veggies before.

What a beautiful snow picture!

Lots of cool favorites in your post.

Marg said...
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Helsie said...

Hey, I think I was born in the wrong hemisphere too. I love the cold- hate the heat and I live in QLD !!!
Love those quilts

Seams Inspired said...

Great favorites! Wow, a chalet! Can I come stay with you? :o) Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF!

Mrs A said...

gee thanks for all the lovely comments, you are all so sweet!

Sarcastic Quilter said...

The quilts are lovely, the stupid stuff Saturday is hysterical and the snow is peaceful. Thank you for sharing.

Quilting in My Pyjamas said...

Mrs. A we finally meet! Hi!

Thanks for swinging by and linking up.

My favourite was the rag quilt. It's beautiful. And I am rather partial to rag quilts. Yours is alot nicer than any I've made to date . Hmnnnn perhaps it's time for me to make another one?

Elizabeth said...

Great post! I love the quilts. Your colors are just gorgeous!

xo -El