Saturday, October 9, 2010

arty stuff

 My kids had their art show at school, there was some great work on display, and i managed to see a few familiar faces, it was fun evening. Here are a few masterpieces

my girls drawing 
they had taken photos of themselves underwater

one of her friends did this one

My boys art- i had trouble getting all the detail in this photo, so will have to get another shot when it comes home

And a few of the others

My girl and another masterpiece


 This one was made with teabags to stain the pages, which i found all over the bathroom, kitchen and the floor in between !

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Bloom said...

Hi Mrs A!
You left a comment on my blog regarding my boy's appendix issues. Thank you for your wise advice. I noticed from your profile that you're a nurse. I could tell from your comment! I took him to the GP on Tuesday who doesn't think there are any post-op issues thankfully. He has had no fever or vomitting. He perhaps was too active too soon. He is an energetic 11 year old boy and it is hard to keep him still! The pain seems to come and go every few days. i am wondering if it might be something completely unrelated to his appendectomy. Maybe a food allergy. That will be hard to pin down I suspect. Anyway, thank you for your concern. I was very worried about him on Monday. Always so hard to see your kids in pain. I really appreciated your comment. It helped me to feel justified in taking him back to the doctor!

Lovely to find your blog. I really enjoyed seeing your kids' artwork. They are very talented! In a cruel twist of timetabling, all three of my children have major art assignments at the moment. Not sure what this would mean for you, but in our household it means mess, stress and late nights!

Also very excited to hear there is a 'Sweet Menagerie' happening at your place! Hope you are surviving my instructions!

Kind regards,