Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 here we are

For those of you living in the civilised part of the world, new year arrived with a spectacular show of fireworks, Sydney put on an amazing show once again, choreograhed to music of the decade, I waited till 9pm for the kids show here but alas it was not to be! My friends were lying on the floor, sadly not drunk just incapacitated, while I anxiously peered out the window, in the end we gave up and went to bed, being tired old mother hens, and watched it on telly the next day! I also had the pleasure of watching a few child prodgidies on the Martha Stewart show, one little boy 6 years played Debussy on the piano, one of many, many pieces that he knew, and has composed many, many himself. The next boy is a financial guru at 13. yes, 13. Well I guess the makes me look preety damn stupid, when in my 4th decade still cant seem to balance the spreadsheet as well as I would like! So I guess it may have been a good thing to watch on the first day of the year, and make some sensible decisions from now on, when is the next flight to london?? Oh what not enough credit? again? bugger. No Im going to do some poitive stuff, maybe not huge but just the few things I keep putting off, so I think I will attempt to become a student once again, although one is always learning so they say, and as my smart bum son keeps telling me "you dont know anything". Teenagers who needs them?

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