Wednesday, December 30, 2009

end of the decade

Well fellow bloggers, here's to another year, after spending a fairly inocuous xmas day at work, which acually was a bit messy, but we got through it! Let me explain, I work as an RN in a small regional hospital in the ICU with some really great people who are the salt of the earth. So here's to all the health care workers out there- hope the celebrations on new years eve is a quiet one! I've been reading of the antics of the population of the great usa in the ER departments- thank god i live in a peacefull small area. Really most of the people we see are elderly who have cardiac issues, they are on the whole nice normal people and are really thankfull for the care they are given. So I will be celebrating with a couple of friends watching fireworks by the river and hope I dont get called in to work! Buon anno!

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