Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Its a dogs life

I was reading the tale (forgive the pun) of a  blogger who was sent a calendar intended to motivate her exercise program, it featured a dog IN the dishwasher licking the plates! Interesting.
Which made me think of kara the wonderdog and her food obsession. Ive had to stop Kara getting into the dishwasher.  Most of the time she is content to lick the scraps off the door, but then she works her way in a little bit more, and then she sees/smells the plates, oh  then the bowls at the back are too tempting and before you can say omg she's half way in, heh.. This is probably not the healthiest thing, but at least the filter is easier to keep clean! Fortunately she can and will eat anything, unlike some other poor miserable inbreds that cant tolerate anything that deviates from their prescribed diet. Our moderately large hairy bundle seems to vacuum up every scrap that she wills to fall on to the floor, and with two teenagers that have endless bottom pits who are challenged on the tidy scene, its more often than not. The rest of her adventurous day is spent sleeping in the kitchen dreaming of her endless food supply. What a life.

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